USB Network Gate 8

Connects multiple remote devices to a computer via USB over Ethernet protocol

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    Internet Utilities

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 10

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Being able to wirelessly connect USB ports between devices is simple and effortless to do with USB Network Gate.

If you've ever accidentally left a USB drive at home while at work, you might know the frustration that comes with needing a particular device and not being able to have access to it. Thankfully, there is a program known as USB Network Gate that will enable you to wirelessly connect USB devices from one system to another. This means that as long as your computer is hooked up to the internet, you will be able to use the USB drive from one device with another that is connected to the internet. This particular program is ideal for a variety of different situations, and it is incredibly easy to use even for beginners.

Why Use USB Network Gate?

A major reason for you to use USB Network Gate is because it allows you to have access to different USB ports by simply connecting to the internet. You can tell the program that a USB drive is connected to a different device using the internet connection that you already have, making it easy for you to have access to anything that is within that drive. Many will find that this saves them time and headaches because they can do everything from the comfort of their own computer without needing to worry about running out and getting the hard drive that they need.

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to use this particular program, but one of the most important reasons is because it allows you to have quick and easy access to any USB drive that you have floating around. This could be one that you have on your home computer and need at work, or it could be as simple as something that you have connected to a different computer and would like to have access to on a separate system. You do not have to worry about connecting this particular USB drive into your computer which will also save on the available USB ports that you have open.

How it Works

The way this particular program works is by enabling you to connect a wide range of different devices to the same USB drive that you own. All you will need is a decently strong internet connection, and you should be able to make use of this system quite well. It is also incredibly easy to use this particular program, allowing you to do it without feeling like you have to call in a professional. Many individuals who are brand new to this particular system are finding it to be wonderfully adaptable for their particular needs.

So many people have downloaded and used USB Network Gate for their own purposes and success. This is a great program that is completely free to download, and you will be able to use it as often as you like. This is also a wonderful program for individuals who cannot connect USB drives to their computer because there are no available ports for them to plug the system into. This is something you will find beneficial in the long run when using a USB drive to your advantage.

Benefits of the Program

A major benefit to using this particular program is its simplicity and effectiveness. You can connect USB drives to just about any computer that you have in your home or even a computer that you are utilizing away from the home if you are traveling. This is a great option for a variety of different situations, but you may not realize how much you needed it until you download it and begin to use it to your own advantage. It is incredibly simple to use the program because it was designed specifically for beginners.

Another major benefit to downloading this program is the fact that it is totally free. There are no in-program costs that you will accumulate when utilizing the features and services that are available to you. This means that you can save money compared to other programs that you might be able to download to do the exact same thing that USB Network Gate can do for you. This is a cost-effective program that will benefit you in a wide range of different ways and allow you to have full control over the USB ports that are on your system no matter where you happen to be.

Installation of the Software

The installation of this particular program takes up very little space on your computer and can be completed in just a matter of several minutes. This means that you can have the program up and running in absolutely no time, and it will benefit you to begin using it right away. For so many individuals, downloading this particular program has been one of the best things they have ever done in their life. It gives you access to any USB drive that you have without always having to have the drive on you at all times.

There has never been a better way for you to have control over your USB drives on your computer than by using a program like USB Network Gate. It was designed for beginners to allow them to open up just about any USB drive that they have using a secure internet connection. You do not even have to put the USB drive into an available USB port on your computer, and it will still be readily available for you and your loved ones. Make sure to consider downloading this program if you feel it can benefit you as it has so many others, and it will be able to work for you as often as you need to use it.


  • Easy access to all of your USB drives.
  • Simple for beginners to use.
  • Totally free to download and utilize.


  • You may not need to use this regularly.

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